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Picture of DVR Security Camera for Model No HD-6008


8CH video input, 2CH audio input
Triplex (display, recording, recording while playback)
Totally 100 frames/sec
USB backup
Support DVD writer
Support VGA device
Max 4 x 500GB HDD (IDE)

Tech Information:

VideoVideo Input8CH BNC input, NTSC/PAL, 1V p-p,750hm
Video OutputBNC, SVHS(Y/C), VGA
AudioAudio Input4CH
Audio Output1CH
Operating PortKeybord Keyboard control
Remote IR remote
Mousesupport USB port1 mouse, no PS/2 port
USB PortUSB backup /USB2.0
DisplayMonitoring60-fps @720 x 240, 50-fps @720 x 288
Resolution720 x 480(576), 720 x 240(288), 352 x 240(288)
DisplaylCH, 4CH, 8CH and various combination
ZoomSupport digital zoom
Record ModeManual / Event / Alarm / Motion / Schedule
Playback ModePlay, Step, Back Step, FF, Rew
Record SearchTime, event, manual
EventsNo limit event
Resolution720 x 480(576), 720 x 240(288), 352 x 240(288)
Record SpeedMax 60(50) Field/sec, 720 x 240(288)/ Max120(100)
8CH personal setting fps
Record Format ConveconversionThe record can be transfered to MPEG-4 AVI doc by network viewer software
NetworkNetwork InterfaceNetwork viewer
Remote CtrlPTZ / Remote REC / Live / PB
UserMax 4 User
Sensor/RelayAlarm Input8CH
Alarm Output1CH
Pre RecordSupport
Motion DetectionSupport
BackupCD/DVD-RW storage backup
USB storage backup
Save as FAT16 file system (recognize from Window)
Network backup (save form network viewer)
Enable to save as MPEG-4 and AVI
Full DuplexEnable to record during Live / PB working
Storage4 IDE HDD x 500GB / 2 IDE HDD x 500GB + 1 CD/DVD-RW, no support SATA hardisk
LanguageEnglish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
UpgradeUSB, CD/DVD update
Power SourceAC100-240V
Dimensions (W x D x H)436 x 340 x 67 (mm)